A partnership is in place between the Margaret River Community Resource Centre and the Rotary Club of Margaret River to enable the centre’s membership of Foodbank.

An Australia Without Hunger

Help and support for those in the community struggling to make ends meet and make the amazing ‘Soupie’, where approximately one hundred people gather for a nutritious vegetarian meal each Monday and Wednesday evening, more cost effective.
How does Foodbank work? Foodbank is a non-denominational, non-profit organisation which acts as a pantry to the charities and community groups who feed the hungry. Everyday people and businesses donate surplus foodstuff to Foodbank from where it can be purchased at a very special rate by organisations that support those in need in their community and by individuals. Foodbank was originally started by Rotary as a schools breakfast program offering children a nutritious meal to start their school day. Rotary Margaret River’s funding partnership means the Community Centre can access the Bunbury branch of the Foodbank service to benefit the Margaret River community.