Founded in 2007, the Trust was formed when several Rotarians and 12 Clubs from 6 continents came together to consider what was being talked about as an unsustainable situation, for all the reasons contained in this website. They agreed to seek support internationally for what initially was carbon offsetting to fund relevant Rotary Club projects, as The CO2 Offset Trust. This developed into "The Sustainability Trust," with the aim of linking all Clubs around the world into an online forum to share ideas.
The Trust promotes the following principles:
  • Carbon emissions will heat the planet beyond its ability to support up to 9 billion people.
  • Adopting Sustainability Principles will improve efficiency, save money, reduce weather-related hardship and lower the need for extra humanitarian aid caused by Climate Change
  • All Rotarians should get involved, understand the issues and if they agree with us - take action.
  • All Rotarians should aim for maximum sustainability in all they do. All Rotary projects should be sustainable.
  • Our unavoidable personal carbon emissions should be neutralised by donating to a Rotary Club Climate Change project at
The Sustainability Trust is a Global Rotary Club Project that was initially
funded by the Founding Member Rotary Clubs of:
Sheffield D1270 UK - Dronfield D1220 UK - East Hampton D7260 USA - Tempe South D5510 USA - Bretby D1220 UK - Margaret River D9460 AUS - Drone Valley D1220 UK - Naracoorte D9780 AUS - Kirstenbosch D9350 ZA - Nanaimo North D5020 CAN - Vasco da Gama, Goa D3170 IND - Bahia D4550 BRA.