Posted on Nov 16, 2019
Three crates of clothes, materials and equipment has been sent off on it’s journey to Timor. Gordon Temby came up with the idea to support the fire brigade in Dili, and collected one and a half crates of fire protective clothing and helmets no longer used by the Wallcliffe bushfire brigade. In addition to the fire protective clothing and helmets, other goods collected included sewing machines for women’s cooperative groups in Timor, full bedding sets (sheets, towels, pillow cases) for clinics and schools courtesy of the Lions Club of Boyup Brooke, children’s sports uniforms from Lions MR, material to make kits for the Days for Girls program, and some non-perishable medical supplies for the clinic in Baucau. It is impossible to thank all the donors individually as many of the goods were donated anonymously. However the goods have been packed and are on their way after an extended collection and organising program.
We were able to obtain back-loading transport for the 3 crates to Melbourne Rotary Club for trans-shipment to Dili in their 6-weekly container program. Last Friday we loaded the 3 crates, about 700kg all up, on a trailer and took to Saidlers depot in Kewdale where a very helpful team on the ground unloaded us and took charge of the crates. The crates should arrive in Dili early January.

On-ground staff of Rotarians Helping People (Mario and Judite) in Dili will handle the distribution. Unfortunately the crates will arrive a short while after our Rotary Club Leavers Experience students are in Timor.

Although there have been some delays and difficulties in getting this project completed we have a process that works and is relatively easy to put in place, it potentially gives us more opportunities to send goods that the Timorese really need and can be
effectively used.