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This week the club met at the Margaret River Public Library, where Jodie Porter gave members a guided tour of the library. The Library is part of the State Library of West Australia network of public libraries with access to a state wide collection through inter-library loans. The Library has a huge variety of e-sources, including books, e-books, e-magazines, online data bases, movies and much more.
This weeks speaker Katie Gray is the Housing Advocacy Officer for Just Home Margaret River. Her mission is to create a better understanding of housing affordability and availability in the region, as well as help people with a case by case situations to secure a home.
The Housing Advocacy Project is locally funded by the Shire of Augusta Margaret River, The Rotary Club of Margaret River, Margaret River Soup Kitchen, local donors and fundraising with in-kind support from the Margaret River Community Centre.
Margaret River Rotary Club have recently been working with Margaret River Hockey Club, plus local service clubs and companies to create funding for a new sports facility in the community. $300,000 has been raised so far including a $50,000 donation from Rotary Margaret River towards the new synthetic surface training turf for the hockey club.
President Brian kicked off the first meeting of the Rotary year welcoming visiting Rotarian and Chair of Rotarians Against Malaria and the night’s guest speaker, Steve Carroll and his wife Dorene from the Rotary Club of Newcastle Harbour. In addition he welcomed partners and guests plus Zoom virtual meeting participants including club member Andy Ledbetter, eRotarians President Shogo Williams-Matsuoka, Jan Horsley, Rod Styles, Alison Lockwood, David Thwaites, Tom Kintail and Kate McKenzie who joined us for Steve’s presentation.
Following the meal and club business Steve took to the floor and explained how his work in Laos, pushing for the clearing of mines and cluster bombs and helping fund the building of schools, eventually led to his involvement with the bid to reduce incidences of malaria.
Malaria is the second biggest killer of people in the world with, on average, 500,000 deaths a year. One particular mosquito, the Anopheles female, is responsible for most deaths. Other mosquitos can spread a different type of malaria which, whilst dangerous and with attacks often recurring throughout life, is not immediately deadly.
Steve and Dorene work with Rotarians Against Malaria overseas supplying mosquito nets treated with insecticide (cost $10 each), rapid diagnostic kits ($6 each) and comic educational books for children.
There is no immunisation available, but a vaccine is being developed in Queensland. Research is about half way there, but many more funds are needed and Steve and Dorene have been fund raising since 2017. A Rotary Ride Around Australia Motorcycle Ride raised substantial funds. See this link for more information on the work on the vaccine and, in particular, the substantial donation made by Bill Gates
A final warning from Steve, when travelling, do all you can to protect yourself against mosquito bites.
The Rotary Club of Margaret River celebrated a busy and fruitful 2018/2019 Rotary year on the evening of 5 July 2019 with members and guests. 
The Club awarded Paul Harris Fellowships to two very deserving community members, Wendy Coffey for her work with the Margaret River Senior High School Emergency Service Cadet Corps, for her energy and for her willingness to take on challenges, and Deb Earl for her work in establishing and running the Biggest Morning Tea in Cowaramup which, under Deb's leadership raised $250,000 for cancer research.
Incoming President Brian Middleton with Deb Earl and Wendy Coffey, both Paul Harris Fellow recipients, with outgoing President Michelle Miller to the right
Outgoing President Michelle Miller reflected on the Club's many and diverse activities over the past year and its continued support for local and international projects, which included giving financial support to educational programs, the arts, to sports, to the East Timor project and to youth projects generally.
Incoming President Brian Middleton introduced his new team for the year and unveiled the Rotary theme for 2019/2020, Rotary Connects the World. 
Fran introduced our Honorary member Barry House who has been retired from Parliament now for 11.5 months
Barry spoke of his luck in having the experiences he has had in life which meant he traveled overseas from a young age, starting with schoolboy cricket in South Africa, a Young Political Leaders trip to the USA in 1992 and then a Group Study Exchange trip in 1994 to Japan
During his time as State President, Barry became a member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) which is designed to strengthen Commonwealth  territorial assemblies and legislatures.  The Association has its base in London and recently Barry was asked by the CPA to run a post election seminar for the new legislature on the island of St Helena
There were 4 presenters at the seminar in total, the Clerk of the Isle of Man Parliament, and representatives from Kashmiri and from the Cook Islands
St Helena is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and has a population of 4,500.  It is a British Overseas Territory administered and mainly funded by Britain, but its has its own legislature which is a mixture of a local government and a parliament.  It has its own Governor appointed by the British
The island shares its constitution with Ascension Island (700 miles away), Tristan de Cunha and the Falkland Islands
Since the completion of the island's air port, only 6 months ago, it is now serviced by one flight a week which arrives from Johannesburg, but not without first refueling in Namibia
The island was discovered by the Portuguese in 1500 and the British East India Company was eventually stationed there.  James Cook planted Norfolk Pines there in the hope they would make good sailing masts (not the case).  Charles Darwin visited following his visit to the Galapagos Islands.  He brought with him a tortoise which still lives on the island to this day and is 200 years old, its name is Jonathan
The island was in a strategic position until 1869 when the Suez Canal opened and then it was bypassed
The island has no indigenous population is mainly made up of people who didn't fit in elsewhere in the World. Barry found them quite worldly however and well traveled as most had spent time in South Africa, the US or the UK
Best known for its fame as being the place of exile for Napoleon until his death, this is the main tourist attraction.  Napoleon's house can be viewed and Napoleon's tomb, although his remains were later relocated to Parish.  His house provided him with good accommodation suiting his idea of himself as Emperor of the World.  Napoleon wrote his memoirs there
1,000 troops were stationed on the island to prevent Napoleon escaping and the island is fairly heavily fortified with canons, although they have never been used
The island is run by its 12 strong legislature and the focus is on increasing its wealth with tourism now it has an airport, it is otherwise completely dependent on Britain.  Whale watching trips may be a source of income for it
The island has a small port and cannot take large ships or cruise lines.  Until the airport was built, it was only accessed from the sea
Barry is photographed standing in front of Napoleon's tomb (above) and with the Speaker of the St Helena Legislature (below)
The Club recently recognised retiring member Ray Arthur's 21 years membership.  Club members recounted stories Ray may probably rather have not heard, although Ray had a few ways of getting his own back.
Ray's contribution to the Ag Show, Rotary's overseas trips to New Guinea and to Ipoh, his work at Rotary Park, his contribution to the Fun Run over many years, his help with the Curtin Volunteers, his reliability and his mentoring work with young people were all acknoweldged
The Club presented Ray and Denise with a small token of the Club's appreciation for Ray's 21 years' service.

The 2018 Margaret River Rotary Directory has now been published and is now being distributed. Extra copies can be obtained from our sponsor Home Hardware in Station Rd and from Shire offices and post offices within our shire.

The annual weekend visit to Margaret River by Curtin Volunteers took place recently. The students spend time during the weekend working on community projects in the area. They are hosted by members of club and the visit includes a social. This year the students helped relocate a landing stage before clearing the banks of weeds at the Rowing Club. After lunch they then moved onto the Old Settlement for the afternoon helping with general maintenance. The CV's enjoyed a vocational visit to the Wallcliffe Volunteer Fire Brigade headquarters where Gordon and Barney bought them up to speed with the latest equipment. A BBQ and fellowship was enjoyed by all, a great chance to mingle as most of these participants are also members of the newly formed Elizabeth Quay's Rotary Club. Sunday saw them reconvene for a bit of weed eradication along the banks of the Margaret River from Rotary Park and a competition evolved which did well to spur on the process. Lunch was kindly provided again by Fran, Sue, Ley, Pat and Marg. 

New member Andrea Preece  was warmly welcomed into membership of the Rotary Club of Margaret River this week. The induction reminded us that Rotary is the world’s original service organisation with a concept for service above self. We look forward to on-going fellowship with Andrea.

This guest speaker at this weeks meeting was Tracey Muir. Tracey is the Education Officer for Nature Conservation Margaret River and works with children across the region on an evolving program that informs and engages primary school children in their natural environment in an interactive program.

In 2016-17, Rotary Foundation turns 100. That’s a century of Rotary members changing lives and improving communities all over the world. And that’s definitely something worth celebrating.

Through Foundation, Rotary members have supported thousands of projects to provide clean water, fight disease, promote peace, provide basic education, and grow local economies. We’ve also been a leader in the fight to eradicate polio worldwide.

Ongoing maintenance in Rotary Park this week. Cleaning and repainting the concrete tables and benches in addition to starting the repaint of Kate. Further painting this coming Tuesday morning (14th February). Sorry kids Kate might be closed off for a couple of hours whilst the paint dries.

Alternative Leavers Week is a project in partnership with villages in Timor Leste; a team of school leavers visits East Timor to meet the people, learn about life and work on community development activities. This project aims to provide support for the Timorese people and an understanding of life in a neighbouring country like Timor for the Margaret River students.

This Saturday (Nov 5th) members of the club will be loading up 100 chairs and desks from the school and transporting them to Kent Street, Perth as part of the Friends of the Timor Container Project run by the Rotary Club of Hillarys. The desks and chairs along with other donations such as computers and teaching equipment will be packed into sea containers for shipment to East Timor.

The Harvey Bike Riders visited Margaret River last Friday afternoon on their fund raising journey for Childrens Leukaemia & Cancer Foundation.  For this now annual event the club always provides afternoon tea when the riders arrive in town. The Hon Barry House MLC also presented the riders with a cheque for $1,000 on behalf of the Club.  The riders had cycled from Mandurah and were continuing onto Augusta in this big fund raising effort.  9 cyclists were taking part this time, and both the cyclist and support crew were well catered for.

Update August '16
The latest palning meeting attracted 31 attendees and there are now 18 new names on the register following this second meeting.
Membership fees have been set at $30 until the shed opens with 28 signed up. Currently estimating 18 months until the Shed opening.  
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